Wednesday, November 14, 2007

lions for lambs

by robert redford, meryl streep and tom cruise.
what do you stand for?
what do you fight for?
what do you die for?
what do you live for?
A series of questions to be pondered. Why should americans sacrify their children in remote countries ? For the name of decmocracy? Oil ? or only self ego of senators ? Tom cruise is imitating Bush, very good acting.Meryl streep is wonderful. I like her character. A reporter with concience. Robert is confused, especially when his two students decided to join the unreasonable fight in Afgahnistan.

Attended mr Fang Bei Fang `s funeral at 11 am. He is 90. The ceremony was simple and the prosession was brief. Life is so brittle. What do we live for?


Anonymous said...

What a pleasant surprise to stumble upon your (and the rest in the family) blog! This is Lih Yi, ex-student at Nan Hwa. It's great to know that and yeah, this has got nothing to do with E-Jan telling me anything about this blog... :) I love Merly Streep in the movie too, it was awesome and I especially like the part she stood firm when she briefed her editor back in office. Look forward to more interesting postings. Cheers!

xiaohei said...

i am proud of you and i feel very inferior with my english. anyway i am happy as my student has overtaken me so much.
hope to hear from you often.